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Casa Rural

Lopeandia etxea 

Room / night:55 €
Cama supletoria:13.20 €
Desayuno:5.50 €
Uso de cocina:6 €
Bedrooms with shared bathroom

*VAT included
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Lopeandia Etxeanavarra-lopeandia
How some document which was found between my stones pray, I am here more than four hundred years awake. Yes, here, in Aburrepea, the oldest plot of the Valley of Aezkoa.

In my long career I welcomed many people from the Valley (aetzas) and other people who were not from it, but I have treated all them alike, with affection and love, like they were my own reason for being and existing.

Besides my native Basque aetza I heard speaking in tongues and I have learned a lot from them.
I have taken a sit with many people on the heat of my home, seeing crackle the flames in the cold days of winter, and I have felt the warm caress of the sun when the spring arrrives and the forests and fields are full of live and light.
I have travelled in the directions of the four cardinal points and that has been useful for, from here, meet the people of the world, knowing from other existences, admiring the beauty, love the live and learn to open my doors to all who call me. 

Supported by my stones that are my own skin, the skin of this aetza land, I have heard talking about governments, about other lands, I have seen how the things changed, the roads, the habits and the ways of living,but the stones that hold me are the same; the land on which I get up is the same; the waters which flow into the valleys and then return to Aezkoa as rain, are the same; the beech and oak forest are the same.
Stones, water, mountains, forests and meadows are my own roots and above all I get up, the stone house, the house that the ancient parents built, the house will be when everyone has gone.
The pass of the times left the footprints in my skin, but my inhabitants have looked after me and have made me beautiful, they always have wished it and always have done it. Now I am upright again, radiant, cozy, warm, and I'm proud of the rocks that hold me and the people that inhabit me. Others will come after.
Me, the stone house, from Aezkoa I see the worl and I travel with it and with me travell the aetzas, my forests and my mountains.
Ah! I have forgotten to tell you my name. My name is Lopeandia.
The house has two double bedrooms, which can be triple, in the ground floor, a bathroom and two living rooms for the use of the customers. On the ground floor is the room to have breakfast and a small corner to read, also for the use of the customers hosted in the house.

Pets are allowed only on the ground floor. 


Abaurrea Baja

It is located in the Valley of Aezkoa where there are 15 raised granaries and the Irati Forest. In the meadows you can see brown-alpine cows from the Pyrenees. Walking through its streets we can admire the big house and the church dedicated to San Martín de Tours, a beautiful building of Gothic style which was started to build in the XIV century that has a wide nave with simple ribbed vaults and polygonal head with cover; the capitals and the crypt are decorated with naturalist trash and the big altarpiece is late Romanesque (first third of the XVII century). On the entrance of the village there is a Renaissance cruise and it is said that close to the disappeared hermitage of Santa Engracia met the witches of the area.


* Auritz/Burguete.
* Auritzberri/Espinal.
*Collegiate of Santa María de Orreaga/Roncesvalles.
* Roncesvalles.
* Foz de Lumbier.
* Arbayun.
*The Irati FIrest i.
* Aoiz.
*Hermitage of Santa María de Arce. .
* Ezcároz.
*Weapon factory

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